Collection: Fresh Bread & Homemade Rolls

At Nosherz, we invite you to indulge in the comforting aroma of freshly baked treats. Every mouthful reflects our love for making fresh homemade bread rolls and buns. Sink your teeth into our freshly cooked, soft, golden, and lovingly prepared homemade rolls. Nosherz is not only a bakery but a haven of mouth-watering tastes and custom delights.

Nosherz is the go-to local Montreal bakery that takes care of each rise and kneads of fresh bread. Every loaf of bread and roll baked at Nosherz is a testament to our craft. Here, you will discover crunchy crusts, delicate centers, and the distinct flavour of delicious homemade bakery goods. Taste the difference - a journey from our ovens to your heart - and enjoy the pleasure of authentic handcrafted homemade rolls and freshly baked delights that provide true comfort. When searching for a fresh bakery in Montreal, be sure to check out Nosherz!